Commercial Vinyl (3000 Series)

Our 3000 series commercial grade performance AAMA CW rated Double Hung & Slider windows with matching Picture window series provides a standard commercial vinyl design to meet the most common commercial applications while raising the bar even further on energy performance and vinyl durability.

We are proud to offer this Evolutions Program window system  that uniquely provides all the elements that a window traditionally must provide to meet the wide range of demanding applications, however, with much greater energy performance compared to purely aluminum systems or vinyl systems. This series not only has the energy efficiency of quality vinyl from Veka, a leader in vinyl extrusions, it has aluminum and galvanized steel reinforcements throughout the frames multiple chambers.

This product series includes Double Hung, Slider, and Picture window types that can be configured into numerous combinations and configurations.

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Diamond Veka Brochure

  • Standard window frame depth is 3-1/4”
  • 1" to 1-3/8” Insulated Glass Units available, allowing more glass package options and multiple Low E surface usage for enhanced thermal performance.
  • Made with 100% virgin vinyl from leading vinyl extrusion company, Veka INC.
  • This system is designed with wider platform sash extrusions to guarantee success during structural load testing.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel reinforced design within the wider sash extrusions.
  • Using our TGI-spacer from Technoform, we have met the toughest industry standards for long term unit durability. This system incorporates high-performance polymers and low conductivity stainless steel to provide you with the best in thermal efficiency.
  • A full range of panning, trim, sub-sills & receptors are offered to accommodate a wide range of applications. This includes extruded receptor system and panning shapes to customize the overall look.
  • Arched tops are available on the 3100 Double Hung and the 3200 Picture Window models.
  • 3200 Picture Window allows for integral mulling for various aesthetic applications.

Commercial Products

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Commercial CW (8000 Series)

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Projected AW (9000 Series)

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