Syracuse State Tower

Development Team

Pioneer Companies
BR Johnson Inc.

Product Line

5000 Series Steel Replica
Custom Storefront Glazing Cap


Built in 1927, Syracuse State Tower, at 23 stories tall and a total of 181,000 square feet, it has been a centerpiece of Downtown Syracuse and Central NY for nearly a century. It shares the Art Deco inspired architecture that is seen in both the Empire State and Chrysler Building. These characteristics are reflected in its steel and concrete structure with a decorative terra-cotta and brick façade, along with a luxurious Art Deco lobby filled with beautiful antique brass.

Acquired by Pioneer Companies, they were tasked with a complete renovation of the building to turn it into a luxury condo while keeping the overall historical aesthetic as it is a land-marked building. Our challenge in this project was to fine tune our 5000 series steel replica to withstand possible issues associated with high rises over 20 stories tall. Along with the challenge of custom designing a storefront glazing cap, specifically to connect the look of historical windows to a modern day storefront system.


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