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5000 Series Steel Replica
Steel Replica Terrace Door
Steel Replica Corner Post Window


The Beaux Arts buildings in Manhattan dates back to 1929 with the Beaux Arts Institute of Design at 304 44th Street. Raymond Hood, a reputable art-deco architect and Kenneth Murchison, the former president of the institute, saw the potential of the area and assembled an elite group of investors and architects to build a new complex surrounding the Beaux Arts Institute of Design building. This led to the construction of the two Beaux Arts hotels which are now re-purposed as the apartments we see today.

This is one of Diamond’s most prominent projects in NYC and it came with it’s set of challenges. The owners and the NYC landmarks commission wanted very specific renditions of the old steel windows. We had to cut 17 new dies with our aluminum fabricator and design completely new products to meet these strict guidelines. This birthed a new product line within our 5000 series Steel Replica to allow for a flush frame aesthetic as opposed to our standard overlap frame.

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