Beaux Arts Manhattan Install Part 1

After several meetings and discussions over product development for the Beaux Arts project, Diamond has successfully developed three new products for the Brodsky Organization on this project. Click here to read more about what the new products and features were.

Upon getting approval for the new products, it was time to initiate the next phase of the project, the preliminary installations for both the regular window type and the custom made corner post window. Preliminary installs are an integral part of the project as it allows the manufacturer, installer, and developer to get a good bearing on how the rest of the project will proceed. As we tear out the old steel windows from the masonry, we and the installer need to know what happens to the opening and whether minor adjustments need to be made going forward. The reason for this is that we want do our due diligence and make sure the size is absolutely correct when we start manufacturing the hundreds of windows that will go into the building.

Full Video:

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