Architect Meet & Greet

Diamond Windows has teamed up with our client, BR Johnson, to provide a meet and greet opportunity for architects located around upstate New York. On this trip, we have Jack Guan, who is our commercial project manager and Bob Sampson, our VP of business development, representing our company and products. We truly appreciate BR Johnson for being able to set this up through their existing contacts and providing this amazing opportunity for not only ourselves and BR Johnson, but for architects who have yet to discover our products, which could be what they are searching for on their current or next project.

BR Johnson has been around for nearly a century with origins dating back to 1928 with it’s founder, Benjamin R. Johnson. Originally selling products such as steel windows, rolling self-storing screens, operable wall partitions, and kitchen cabinets, BR Johnson has grown to sell all kinds of building materials and products. These range from commercial grade hardware and doors to residential and commercial windows. Today, they have integrated several divisions to operate each building specialty they offer.

A very special thank you to Maryanne Cronin of BR Johnson for being the one to organize this event for both BR Johnson and Diamond Windows. In these meetings, we have teamed up with a representative from BR Johnson, Jerry Anderson, who is an experienced senior project manager that has been in the industry for years. Jerry has done a few jobs with Diamond, most notably, Syracuse State Tower that is right in the heart of downtown Syracuse. We greatly appreciate Jerry for taking the time to attend these meetings and help to showcase not only why Diamond’s commercial products and services are preferable compared to the other larger manufacturers, but also to present BR Johnson’s experience in the industry as an installer and provider of specialty building products.

The architects that participated found that this was an enriching opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Some questions that have been asked range from how we deal with the landmark approval processes to whether we are able to replicate and match a specific historical window, or on procedures such as how we conduct product testing to make sure we send out a fully functioning window that complies with building codes.

We truly appreciate all the architects and owners that took time out of their schedule and welcomed us. Thank you to all the firms who participated in this meet and greet: AECC Group, SEI Design Group, Bergmann Associates, Passero Associates, HBT Architects, CJS Architects, Carmina Wood Morris Architects, Silvestri Architects, Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects, Architectural Resources, Wendel Companies.

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