Architect Meet & Greet II

With such a positive feedback from our previous architect meet & greet trip, we’ve hosted another series of meet & greets with other architects and firms in upstate New York. If you haven’t read or heard of it please refer to our previous trip by clicking here.

Diamond Windows and BR Johnson have partnered again to host another meet & greet opportunity for both the new architects and firms who were interested in May, but did not have the time available to meet with us during our last trip. On this trip, we visited architects located from Albany, Schenectady, Ithaca, Rochester and Syracuse. Thank you to Maryanne again for being the point of contact for us. Last trip, we felt that we could have brought another product along to showcase more of our talents. So along with our mini 5000 series steel replica sample, we brought a scaled down sample of our 8000 series commercial double hung window, with a panning tree included.

During a meeting, one of the architects actually had a current project that she was interested in using our steel replica windows for an interior application. She envisioned it as an indoor window to divide the room and make the interior hallway and rooms more inviting. We had some time before our next meeting to give our thoughts on this application and it is a very interesting idea as we have yet to receive a request for our steel replica series to be re-purposed as an interior window.

Not only do we have the opportunity to help architects such as the one described above with her project and answer any questions they have in person. They can also learn about the different products and options out there that they may have yet to hear of and could be what they were looking for on their current or upcoming projects. Building rapport with architects is our vision and that’s the reason we are hosting these opportunities. It is to be of help to all architects out there and build a positive client relationship like the one we have with BR Johnson.

We truly do appreciate the scheduling and effort of everyone involved to make these trips possible. That includes everyone at BR Johnson and the architects at their respective firms. Thank you to all the architectural firms who participated in this meet & greet: Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects, 3T Architects, Re4orm Architects, Lacey Thaler Reilly Wilson Architects, JMZ Architects, SWBR Architects, Labella Architects, Dalpos Architects, Holt Architects, Cornell University Architectural Division, King and King Architects.

If you are an architect around the upstate New York area and are interested in scheduling a meeting with Diamond Windows and BR Johnson, please do not hesitate to contact Erik Tseng ( or Maryanne Cronin ( If you are from other areas in the Northeast or around the US, we are looking forward to creating an opportunity to visit in the future!

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