Steel Replica Windows

Our Steel Replica window series offers ultra-narrow sightline products with a clean putty bead profile.  This series is best used for historic window restoration projects, where the primary objective is replicating a classic historic steel or wood window aesthetic without sacrificing modern building codes and energy requirements. We are proud to preserve historical building aesthetics by manufacturing a thermally broken aluminum window that provides a high level of energy efficiency and meets the strictest building codes and requirements set by landmark commissions.

Our steel replica window series includes Fixed, Picture, Project Out, and Casement options in various combinations and configurations. We also have a 90-degree corner window and a balcony or terrace door that are not listed below as they are relatively new products we have just designed. Every type is available in either a traditional overlap or a flush frame.

  • With a 3-1/4” deep frame, this series achieves an AAMA AW performance rating for the most demanding applications.
  • The design has a classic putty bead appearance integrated and maintained throughout the exterior frame and grid system.
  • Corner joints utilize die-cut gaskets and stainless steel fasteners in the frame and sash for superior water tightness, structural integrity, and durability.
  • Designed with external grids mechanically fastened to the frame and sash for a more traditional appearance. This creates long-term durability and simplifies glass replacement if ever needed. Also, we have about a 1/16″ gap from the grid to the surface of the glass, which allows for natural rainwater to wash through the window, which prevents the window from collecting a buildup of dust and pollen on the grids. This is especially vital for projects with a high number of grids in the configuration. 
  • A unique feature of this product line is that you’re able to fasten directly through the interior frame into your prepped window opening. After securing through the frame, there is a glazing bead or as we call it, the beauty bead, that snaps into the frame, effectively covering the fastening screws resulting in a sleek and seamless installation process. Many of our contractor clientele absolutely love this feature. 
  • Thermal break design provides optimum thermal performance.
  • High-quality imported cast bronze latch and keepers
  • Extruded frame extenders and accessories are available for this product line.

Diamond Windows & Doors provides steel replica replacement windows to your exact configurations without sacrificing quality. Are you interested in hiring our team for your next project? Contact a member of our team today!

Available Models

Fixed (5100)

Casement (5200)

Fixed & Casement (5300)

Circle Top Fixed & Casement (5400)

Fixed Project Out & Casement (5500)

Fixed & Project Out (5600)

Circle Top Fixed & Project Out (5700)

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