When it comes to finishing touches Diamond Windows delivers. At Diamond, we can accommodate a variety of aluminum finishes. We keep a stock of commonly used colors, such as white, black, and bronze, but if you do not see your preferred color listed, contact our commercial department and we will match your color swatch to fit with your project requirements. Our Polycron and Kynar finishes are capable of matching almost any color. Specialty and non-stock color options are subject to an additional cost.

Click this link for more information about our finishes: Bonnell Paint Color Chart

(Colors online may not reflect actual appearance in person)

Polycron/Baked Enamel (AAMA 2603)

While the hardness of the finish is very good, the Polycron/Baked Enamel finish is the most sensitive towards weathering effects. This finish can be touched up relatively easily if needed.

50% Kynar (AAMA 2604)

The 50% Kynar finish provides a better level of weather resistance while providing a good level of hardness. This finish can be touched up relatively easily if needed.

70% Kynar (AAMA 2605)

The 70% Kynar provides the longest lasting color fastness. However the nature of the finish makes it more sensitive to scratches. This finish can be touched up relatively easily if needed.

Anodized (Class 1)

The surface of the extrusion goes through an electrolytic process converting it to aluminum oxide. This process makes the coating an integral part of the extrusion. Because of this, the surface will not chip, peel, or flake over time. This is the hardest finish possible, however, since the finish is an integral part of the material, any touch up work is a challenge. (Note: Due to Anodized being a relatively rare choice, we do not currently stock this material in house. It must be custom ordered.)

Available Colors:

Clear Anodized
Dark Bronze Anodized