Welded Sash & Mechanical Frame (2000 Series)

The welded sash and mechanical frame window is our baseline residential vinyl offering that is both affordable and energy efficient. It meets both housing authority regulations and Energy Star requirements.

This product series includes Double Hung, Dead-lite, 2 Lite Slider, 3 Lite Slider, and Hopper window types.

If you are looking for mulled combinations and nail fin applications, these are best served with our all welded 4000 series windows.

2000 Series Features:


  • Fusion-welded sashes and a mechanical frame.
  • The standard window frame depth is 3-1/4”and we use a 7/8” Insulated glass unit (IGU).
  • Made with 100% virgin vinyl, which provides better structural integrity and color retention than recycled vinyl.
  • We use a heavy duty integral lift/pull rail which provides even more structural integrity to the sash.
  • A multi-chambered frame that not only adds to the durability of the window, but also creates more space to add an extra layer of air between the insulating glass units. This greatly improves the window’s energy performance.
  • Designed with true sloped sills that force any rainfall to drain outwards and keep your home protected from the elements. These sills also give the advantage of having a larger daylight opening
  • Auto-locking fiberglass or aluminum screens are available and made with a sturdy aluminum frame. Double hung and slider windows come standard with half screens, though full screens are available.
  • We integrate a double weather-stripped system into the design providing a weather tight performance.
  • The Double Hung and Slider models have interlocking sashes to guarantee a tight seal every time you lock your windows. Dual locks also come standard on all Double Hung over 27” wide and Sliders over 27″ high  to ensure a secure seal.

Available Models:

*Images are for reference only, they are not physical representations of the products*

 Double Hung (2100)

The Double Hung Tilt design is the traditional window that is a staple for any home. Both of the sashes are able to tilt inwards to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The tilt mechanism has recessed tilt latches. All double hung windows come standard with ventilation limit latches, which help to prevent unwanted operation by children as well as helping to prevent against unwanted intrusions.




 Dead-Lite Window (2200)

A picture window with fusion welded sash without the bulky frame which maximizes daylight opening to allow for a beautiful unobstructed view




Two Lite Slider (2300-2)

Two operable sashes that slide horizontally. Slider style windows are your go to windows for large wide openings. They offer an unobstructed view and slide with ease.



Three Lite Slider (2300-3)

If the 2 lite slider is not big enough, that’s no problem as we offer a 3 lite slider which will replace a very wide opening or replace several windows. The 3 lite slider includes two operable sashes that slide side to side with a fixed sash in between. This is available in equal sashes or ¼ operable sashes with a ½ fixed sash.


Hopper (2400)

The hopper is usually a basement window effectively provides light and ventilation for basement applications.




Optional Add-ons



Grids can help add that extra aesthetic that you were looking for. We currently have either Flat or Contoured profiles. Grid configurations are available in equal sqaure, diamond, or prairie pattern. Available in 2,4,6,8,9,12, or 16 lites. For custom grids, please contact our customer service department.

Grid types include between the glass (BTG) or simulated divided lites (SDL). BTG offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean while SDL offers a more traditional look.


Thermal performance of a window is improved by replacing the air between the panes of a window with either Argon or Krypton gas. This helps prevent heat loss and improves overall energy efficiency.

Argon vs Krypton: Both gases are an inert, slow moving gas that helps protect your home from energy loss, however, as Krypton is denser than Argon, this further enhances it’s energy efficiency.



Triple pane insulated glass units (IGU) are available for all window types and provides significantly improved insulation and reduced ambient noises.

Glass options include clear, low E, and double low E (Solar-ban 60/Pilkington low E).

Specialty glazings such as tinted, obscured, spandrel and tempered glass are available as well.


Fiberglass comes standard with all our windows, however, Aluminum wire mesh is available if you require a stronger material for your screen.

Available in half or full screen for all windows.


Nailing Finish
Nailing Finish + J Channel
Mullion option is available for all windows, where multiple windows can be mulled to create a custom look for your larger window openings.
Head expander and sill angle come standard with all mulled units, but can also be offered as accessories on all residential windows.
Wood extension jambs: Available in 4-9/16” and 6-9/16”

Other accessories and options are available upon request for special applications, please contact our customer service department for further details.


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Welded Sash & Mechanical Frame (2000 Series)

Welded Sash & Mechanical Frame (2000 Series)

The welded sash and mechanical frame window is our baseline residential vinyl offering that is both affordable and energy efficient. It meets both housing authority regulations and Energy Star requirements.This product series includes Double Hung,...
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